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Hans Wolkers
Armed with just a camera and an arsenal of lenses, founder and director Hans Wolkers regularly visits the world's last remaining wild places. His aim: to document the beauty, diversity, and vulnerability of our planet. He hopes his images and articles will motivate to protect our last wild places.
  • Hans Wolkers
    Dr. Hans Wolkers is scientist, writer and wildlife photographer. For over 15 years he has been working as a researcher in arctic areas of Europe and North America. His findings were published in numerous scientific and popular scientific journals.
  • Extreme areas
    Wolkers has a preference for extreme areas like deserts and the poles, where life seems impossible. But now and then he can be found in the tropics as well, where he documents unique and threatened animals in their natural habitat.
  • Humbling experience
    "More than once I stood eye to eye with grizzlies in Alaska, polar bears in the Arctic, fur seals on South Georgia and jaguars in South America. Being so close to these magnificent animals with just a can of pepper spray for defense is a humbling experience."
  • Publications
    Wolkers published over 100 reportages and popular scientific articles about his nature adventures in magazines and on websites of BBC Wildlife, National Geographic, Natuurwetenschap en Techniek, EOS, and several Dutch newspapers.